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Learn More about the Blog Posts Entitled as Embarrassing Health Problems We Need to Speak Up About

Blogging is a term used by the people that refers to the act of the people to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences to other people in the internet, and such act can only be done by creating or producing their very own blog sites. The common topics or subject matters being used by the bloggers include, lifestyle, travel, politics, journalism, house, book, beauty, fashion, party, education, music, art, and health. Most of the individuals who are fond of reading the blogs produced by bloggers are the ones with the topics about healthy lifestyles, for most of us aims to improve the status of our health, and that is by changing any unhealthy and bad habits or activities.

The blog that became very popular to the people is the blog site owned by a blogger or author named Jess Williams, and the blog is entitled as the Life in Vivid Color. The blog entitles as the Life in Vivid Color, has definitely captivated the interest and fascination of the people in the internet, for it is composed with interesting and great topics, such as life, health, fitness, creativity, art, adventure, and cooking. One of the most popular post of the author in the said blog is the one entitled as the Embarrassing Health Problems We Need to Speak Up About!, and such post can be easily found in the main page of the blog. The author or the owner of the blog site included three examples of the common health problems that the people are embarrassed to have, and those are bad breath, constipation, and irregular periods. Talking to other people in a face-to-face basis can be quite embarrassing to some, especially when they suffer from a health issue like having a bad breath, and the best remedy provided by the author to such issue include brushing the teeth two times a day, using mouthwash, quit smoking, and having a regular visit to the dentist. A regular constipation may be due to a health disorder called as irritable bowel syndrome, and definitely, we are all ashamed or embarrassed to share such health problem to other individuals. The best way to stop such health problem include the natural ways, like using a cream of tartar, and checking for our diet and food intake, since eating too much high-fat or high cholesterol foods can lead to such health problem. It is definitely a fact that a lot of women are suffering from irregular monthly cycle, and such may lead to other health complications, like acne and infertility, and the author advised the readers to visit the doctor and take contraceptive pills in the right schedule.

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