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Non Medication Methods of Fighting Anxiety

We are in an era where medicine use seems to increase on a daily basis. A case in point is when it comes to folks suffering anxiety every so often whereby the doctor’s prescription always seems to be the first line of defense. This is the wrong way to go around this considering there are medication free alternatives in the 21st century. Talked about in the article here are is more information about this.

Professionals lobby for exercising for the reason that studies have shown people living a sedentary life are more likely to suffer anxiety. A direct correlation exists between anxiety and exercising now that you will remain in high spirits thanks to the neurotransmitters generated courtesy of an active lifestyle. Stress hormones take a downward spiral when you exercise and hence keeping all anxiety at bay. This is the way to go for any person that desires to have mental health that is nothing short of topnotch.

Nutrition is something you cannot afford to overlook as it is among the effective stress fighters. People that are deficient of magnesium have been known to suffer anxiety related disorders. The food processing we have these days are unfortunately a leading cause of magnesium being stripped off from meals that we take. It would be good to talk to your doctor as they will be able to get you the needed magnesium supplement should this be depleted in your body.

Breathing exercise will come in handy under these circumstances. Hyperventilation that seems to get the best of panic attack victims will be the least of your worries if you made breathing exercise your best friend. Breath-in slowly via the nose and exhale via pursed lips and you can be sure that anxiety symptoms will be wiped out thanks to attaining an ideal carbon dioxide balance.

There are also weird ways to fight anxiety and one of them is shouting. Do yourself a favor and only do this while at a private place failure to which folks might start judging you for all the wrong reasons. Shouting is a sure fire way of letting out any stress that is locked within. Another way to wrap your fingers around this is punching of pillows and the good things is that this is a fun way of staying stress free.

It would also help to know the triggers that make you stressed. Figuring this out need not be an arduous task as all you need do is take note of experiences that makes you feel like the walls are crumbling. You should as well note down experiences that make the quality of your life better and incorporate to your daily living. Knowing of the do’s and don’ts will make sure you are always on track.

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